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Hey - I'm Mahmoud Marei, an experienced professional in Finance, Data, and Operations, with 8 years of multinational experience based in Germany.
I am passionate about "Value Engineering," using business and technology tools to identify opportunities and quantify their impact on a business. My approach focuses on ensuring that efforts exerted result in tangible and measurable value for your organization by: 
Developing downstream data analytics solutions optimized for business and financial visibility;

Creating highly optimized and scalable supply chain models with a focus on facilities, transportation, and workforce management;

Driving modern business operations and growth through comprehensive product development and management.
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Previous Employers
People I Had the Chance to Accompany Their Journey
Mahmoud joined the EU Workforce Staffing Analytics as Business Analyst in 2017. During his time he setup the foundation for Operational Reporting, Customer Fulfillment Workforce Analytics, Marketing Controlling, and Cost Reporting. Mahmoud leveraged his BI, data infrastructure and analytics skills, using a wide set of tools including AWS. He was one of the founding members of the Analytics team and demonstrated team management ability to leverage individual skills for strategic milestone achievements, Additionally, he helped shaping Amazon's contract negotiations with 3rd party workforce providers across all the countries in EU.
Prasob Padayattil
Sr. Manager, Product Management @ Amazon EU
Mahmoud’s role as a Manager at Wayfair’s Operations Cost Performance Team was significant and impactful. His work style and cooperation along with his finance and operations skills, drove high-impact projects and initiatives to fruition within Wayfair’s transportation network in the EU. Recommend working with Mahmoud.
Dr. Cristina Hayden
Associate Director @ Wayfair EU
Mahmoud worked on various high-impact transportation cost savings initiatives in the logistics department during his time at Wayfair. Doing so, Mahmoud showed a great combination of both analytical/data science skill sets to identify high value opportunities, but then also the ability to drive implementation in a cross functional environment.
David Scheffel
Head of EU Logistics @ Wayfair EU
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Revenue AED
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Total Current assets AED

I Can Help You With

EU Workforce Staffing Consultation

Consult on EU labor market trends, talent attraction strategies, major EU 3rd party workforce agencies, marketing channels and workforce performance development.
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Strategic Finance

Report on Costs Details, Revenue Streams and Tax, and their impact on the P&L, as well as build Periodic Forecast Models for projections and investment purposes.
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Production Planning

Calculate and simulate production capacity in logistics and manufacturing facilities against customer demand for an optimal fulfillment rate at cost efficiency.
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Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

Analytics management including Python, SQL, Cloud Service Solutions (AWS) and ETL for a scaled data processing and interpretation environment.
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Operations Cost Performance

Based on extensive operational analysis, design objectives and roadmaps, drive projects to fruition, manage stakeholders for optimal cost efficiency.
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Product Management

With a focus on logistics and e-commerce and on large data sets and ML models. Engage with users, test, develop in agile for timely delivery.
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What I Can Help You With In Details

Strategic Finance with control over P&L costs

  • Conducting financial analysis to inform business decisions, such as evaluating new product opportunities or assessing investment options
  • Creating financial models to simulate different scenarios and forecast potential outcomes affecting the company's P&L
  • Developing and implementing financial strategies to improve overall business performance and achieve strategic goals
  • Dual responsibility for reporting on performance by identifying meaningful trends, real business alarms, and data anomalies while controlling costs for respective cost centers
  • Streamlining data in a scalable way for efficient reporting
    Producing quarterly and yearly forecasts based on business top and bottom lines
  • Injecting numbers into accounting software, such as Netsuite
  • Direct involvement in tax issues within the EU, with such as intercontinental freight Brexit-related issues

Operations Cost Performance (Value Engineering) to optimize for cost and time

  • Conducting a comprehensive analysis on sales, finance, and operations data sets to identify opportunities for cost cutting
  • Designing road maps and project plans to execute on identified opportunities, determining necessary resources and timelines for success
  • Collaborating with stakeholders and onboarding them on project goals by aligning on vision and driving execution in highly cross-functional organizations
  • Building dashboards to track the development of key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensure business benefits and real value creation
  • Keeping stakeholders engaged by sharing positive results resulting from cross-functional collaboration

Production Planning by effectively matching supply and demand

  • Expertise in production planning and matching supply with demand by moving capacity within facilities internally or through the fulfillment network to "solve" for outbound demand as first priority
  • Calculation of production capacity based on workforce, machinery, and production line bottlenecks
  • Consideration of events that may halt production (e.g. holidays, team events, weekends)
  • Skilled in forecasting customer demand and converting it into quantitative data points
  • Matching customer demand with production capacity at parcel or pallet levels
  • Calculation of expected workforce efficiency based on facility conditions such as warehouse fullness or hiring activities
  • Proficient in utilizing multiple cloud services for production planning
    Experienced in using local spreadsheet files to maintain accurate records and data

Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

  • Proficient in data analytics and business intelligence tools, including Excel, SQL, and AWS infrastructure, to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data and perform analysis that informs business decision-making
  • Skilled in Python programming language, which has been used to automate data processing tasks and generate insights with greater efficiency
  • Collaborated with data engineering teams to build data pipelines and ensure data quality, consistency, and integrity
  • Experienced in working in an agile project management environment, which has allowed for efficient and iterative development of data products and insights that meet evolving business needs
  • Strong ability to translate complex data into understandable and actionable insights, and to communicate those insights effectively to stakeholders across the organization

Workforce Staffing Consultation for labor-intensive verticals

  • Expertise in workforce staffing consultation for labor-intensive industries such as manufacturing, logistics and on-demand logistics
  • Building direct connections with major third-party workforce staffing agencies in the EU to maintain a healthy hiring pipeline
  • Conducting labor market research to identify industry trends, skill shortages, and areas of opportunity for talent acquisition
  • Staying up-to-date with regulatory changes and compliance requirements related to labor and employment, and providing recommendations to businesses to ensure compliance
  • Developing strategies to attract labor in challenging labor shortage conditions in the EU
  • Ensuring a healthy and fair work environment and contractual conditions to maintain labor engagement and retention

Product Management with a focus on logistics and e-commerce

  • Leading cross-functional teams in developing logistics and machine learning products that aligned with the needs of the market and customers, and ensured product-market fit through effective research and validation
  • Conducting rigorous AB testing to optimize product features, user experience, and leveraged insights from testing to continuously improve products
  • Overseeing data science projects aimed at estimating delivery times, optimizing fulfillment decision-making and supporting the growth and design of fulfillment networks while ensuring full alignment with business goals, scalability promises and customer needs
  • Managing stakeholder engagement across the organization to ensure alignment on product vision, strategy, and execution, and communicated product progress, insights, and results to all relevant stakeholders
  • Utilizing agile development methodologies and demonstrating expertise in logistics and machine learning domains, and leveraging that expertise to drive innovation and differentiation in products, while also ensuring product-user fit

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